City Hall

The City of Iqaluit maintains roads, water lines, and trucked services, and is responsible for other services, such as garbage collectionrecreation programsbylaw enforcementfire services and economic development. In total, the city employs approximately 135 people. 

The city and its work is guided by the mayor and eight city councillors who are elected every three years. The mayor, council and staff all work together to fulfil Iqaluit's mission to create a sustainable and environmentally-responsible Arctic capital. 


Main Reception
phone: (867) 979-5600

Madeleine Redfern - Mayor
phone: (867) 979-5601

Romeyn Stevenson - Deputy Mayor

Joanasie Akumalik - Alternate Deputy Mayor

Amy Elgersma- Chief Administrative Officer
phone: (867) 979-5667
fax: (867) 979-0228