The City of Iqaluit uses committees to bring issues forward to council. Committees forward issues by making recommendations to council. Council then deliberates on the issue and may take action or make a direction. All council members serve on various committees.  

Committees meet on a monthly basis or as required.

The City also has two quasi-judicial Boards (listed below) that are operate at arm`s length from the City, and are not governed by Council procedures. They are governed by the Planning Act and the Property Assessment and Taxation Act.

Committee Composition

According to By-law #526:

Section 77: The mayor is an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees, (which means she/he has the right to attend any Committee meeting).

Section 80: In any committee, at least half of its members shall be a quorum.

Section 81: Every member of a standing or special committee has one vote for each item presented at a meeting of that committee providing the member is in attendance.

Section 82: Meetings of any committee may be called whenever it is deemed necessary by the chairman or any two (2) members of that committee and committee members shall be so notified.


The entire council participates on these committees.

Engineering and Public Works Committee

The committee is made up of all members of city council. It is responsible for the delivery and maintenance of municipal services, as well as all capital works projects related to the development of municipal infrastructure.

Resource Staff:  Director of Public Works & Engineering, Operations Superintendent, Utilidor Superintendent, Chief Administrative Officer

  1. Chair: Counillor Stevenson
  2. Vice-Chair: Councillor Akumalik

Planning and Development Committee

The Committee is made up of all members of city council. It reviews matters relating to land use planning, development and lands. It considers request for decision prepared by the Planning and Lands staff and makes recommendations to council regarding decisions.

The committee is responsible for the management of land use planning, land development and administration of land within the municipality.

Resource Staff:  Director of Planning and Development

  1. Chair: Councillor Joanasie Akumalik
  2. Vice-Chair: Alternate Deputy Mayor Solomon Awa

Finance Committee

The committee is made up of all members of city council. It is responsible for the management of expenditure and revenue of city funds according to general accounting principles while assuring adherence to the approved annual budget.

  1. Chair: Councillor Kyle Sheppard
  2. Vice-Chair: Romeyn Stevenson

 Economic Development and Strategic Planning Committee

The committe is made of up all members of city council.  It is responsible for providing oversight on the implementation of the CIty's strategic plan and for prioritzing economic development actions

  1. Chair: Councillor Sheila Flaherty
  2. Vice-Chair: Deputy Mayor Brewster



Recreation Committee


The committee is asn advosry committee for recreational and leisure services in Iqaluit.

Resource Staff: Director of Recreation, Chief Administrative Officer

Chairperson:  Councillor Awa

Vice-chair - Councillor Lucassie

Member:  Deputy Mayor Brewster

Members at Large: To be confirmed

Cemetery Committee

The committee plays an advisory role in cemetery operations.

Resources Staff: Chief Administrative Officer, City Clerk, Chief Municipal Enforcement Officer, Superintendent Operations, Superintendant Utilidor

Chairperson: Councillor Akumalik

Members at Large:

Matthew Akavak – QIA

Ross Paterson – CGS

Methuselah Kunuk – Anglican Church (additional member requested by him from his parish, not identified as of yet)

Martha Nowdlak – NTI

Fr. Daniel Perreault

Family Services- TBC

Search and Rescue

Deputy Mayor Janet Brewster is the Mayor's representative.

Taxi Review Committee

The committee reviews, on an annual basis, the tariffs and fees of Taxi By-law No. 590 as well as the by-law itself. The committee responds to appeals from applicants and individuals within the taxi industry and also reviews, responds and addresses public concerns and complaints respecting the taxi industry.

Resource Staff: Chief Municipal Enforcement Officer

Council Representatives:

Chairperson: Councillor Sheppard

Vice-Chair: Councillor Akumalik

Members at large:  To be confirmed

Grievance Committee

According to the Collective Agreement, council hears third-level appeals regarding grievances.

Resource Staff: Chief Administrative Officer and Human Resource Director or alternate and Senior Director of Corporate Services

Chairperson - Councillor Malaiya Lucassie

Vice-Chairperson - Councillor Sheppard


Board of Revision

Section 30 of the Property Assessment and Taxation Act allows for the establishment of this Board to review decisions regarding the assessment of properties for taxes.

Resource Staff: Lands Administrator, Secretary to the Board of Revision 

Members at large: Not yet appointed

Development Appeal Board

The board hears appeals regarding decisions of the development officer or council regarding zoning and development decisions.

Resource Staff: Secretary of Board

Chairperson: Councillor Stevenson

Members at Large: To be confirmed