Emergency Services

The Department of Emergency Services is comprised of three divisions that work together to provide for the protection of life, property and the environment.

  • Fire Department – Full time, Volunteer and Junior Volunteer Firefighters
  • Ambulance
  • Communications/Dispatch

The fire department also operates the ambulance service; as a combined service.  All divisions work and operate out of one station. The department is composite in nature having both career and volunteer members with a new Junior Volunteer program. The department is overseen by a Fire Chief and 2 Deputy Fire Chiefs.  The department has 18 full-time firemedics (firefighter/AEMRs), 5 dispatchers and 25 volunteer firefighters (including junior members).

The Fire department operates the following equipment,

  • 3 ambulances
  • 1 Quint – Aerial
  • 1 Pumper
  • 2 command units

This busy department answered over 109,604 inquiries in 2018, just over 300 different requests per day. The ambulance service responded to 2,463 calls, fire received 488 calls, for a total of 2,951 calls for that year. 

This is an increase in activity of 120 per cent over the last 5 years. On-going training within the department resulted in volunteers and full time staff completing 11,000 hours of training in 2018. In 2018, three volunteers became certified as 1001 level 1 and 2 firefighters, with more working towards their certification this year. 

The City of Iqaluit Emergency Services Department is always looking to recruit new volunteer firefighters and junior members. If you're interested in learning more, please contact the department or review this introduction to the job. You can also fill out a volunteer application form and take it to the Fire Hall.

Applications for firefighters can also be found under Careers at the City.


There are thousands of local junior firefighter programs nationwide and the City of Iqaluit has joined the ranks. The key is to attract people into the emergency services profession while they are young so that they form a lifelong connection to this industry, whether as a first responder or as a community supporter. Junior firefighter programs give our nation’s youth the chance to learn about local fire, rescue, and emergency medical services response organizations in a safe, controlled, educational, and fun way while providing organizations with an excellent recruitment mechanism.

Reaching out to people when they are young has long-range effects, and encouraging youth to take part in emergency services is extremely beneficial to local communities and organizations. Benefits of junior firefighter programs include:

  • Allowing youth to gain insight and interest in becoming long-term members of the emergency services;
  • Increasing awareness among youth about volunteering and supporting the fire and emergency services;
  • Providing organizations with additional help in accomplishing non-firefighting or non-emergency tasks;
  • Instilling valuable life skills, such as teamwork, responsibility, and cooperation in our nation’s youth;
  • Proving leadership development for our youth, who are tomorrow’s leaders; and
  • Educating parents and mentors on the importance of encouraging volunteerism.

Interested in joining?

Simply download an application, then complete and submit the registration form by taking it to the Fire Hall. As soon as your registration is accepted, you will be notified and your adventure awaits. Training or fire practice is every Tuesday evening from 7:00 p.m. till 10:00 p.m.


Vacant -Director of Emergency and Protective Services
phone: (867)979-5600
fax: (867) 979-0680

Deputy Fire Chief A/Director of Emergency Services 
phone: (867)979-5600

Vacant - Deputy Fire Chief

Emergency Services Dispatch
email: dispatch@iqaluit.ca
phone: Business (867) 979-5650
Emergency 979-4422