On-line Bill Payee Set-up Instructions


Online banking bill payment Instructions – City of Iqaluit

In response to the ongoing preventative measures that the City of Iqaluit is undertaking to prevent the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, City workplaces remain closed until further notice.

The City of Iqaluit encourages its residents to make Tax, Water, Land Lease payments and other receivables online, via online banking. Please open the attached document for more details including screen shots.

Below is a step-by-step process on how to pay your bills online using RBC online banking. It is a similar process for each Financial Institution (CIBC, FNB, BNS, BMO):

Step 1: Open your web page and log into your online banking

Step 2: Find “Manage Payees” or “Add Payee” option on the screen. Click “Add Payee”

Step 3: Type “City of Iqaluit” and select the possible payee match, and click continue

Step 4: Enter account information from your paper invoice

  • For PROPERTY TAXES use account number in upper right of the page. It is a combination of last name and a number. Example BYRZ001
  • For UTLITIES use the account number listed at the bottom of the page, without the decimal. This will be a 9-digit account number. Example 001686001
  • For LAND LEASE use the customer ID listed on the bottom left hand side of the page. This will always start with LL- at the beginning of the customer ID. Example LL-BYZ001

If you need further assistance, please contact the City of Iqaluit’s Finance Department at the following numbers:

Property Taxes/Land Lease – 867-979-5602 / 867-979-5606

Utilities – 867-979-5665 / 867-979-5606

Customers can also email accountsreceivable@iqaluit.ca for all invoice information and assistance.