March 24, 2019


The City of Iqaluit would like to advise residents that city services have been restored, including water delivery, waste management and garbage removal, and that normal business hours have resumed. City recreational facilities are also open.

Main roads have also been sufficiently cleared for public use. Roads include, but are not limited to, all main roads and collector roads in and around the city core areas (i.e. Ring Road, Federal Road, Apex Road and Airport Road). Secondary roads may still be inaccessible.

Owners of vehicles are reminded to move their vehicles off the road to assist with snow removal. Vehicles that have been abandoned on the road and impede traffic during the snow-clearing operation may be impounded under local and territorial legislation, and the owner may be subject to a fine. The City will not be held responsible for any damages to vehicles left on the road either as a result of snow clearing operations or the removal of the vehicle.

For updates regarding the status of municipal services, please call the City blizzard line at 979-5300.