Change in Municipal Water Rates

May 16, 2024

Public Service Announcement

Change in Municipal Water Rates

May 16, 2024 – Iqaluit, Nunavut


The City of Iqaluit would like to advise residents of significant changes to the structure of water rates that will benefit residential customers and help ensure the sustainability of water and sewer services. As part of ongoing efforts to reflect the true economic costs and improve service delivery, we have restructured the water rates effective from April 1, 2024. Revenues recovered from this restructuring will contribute to key enhancements to City structures and offerings.


Old Rates vs. New Rates:


Rate Payer

Old Rate (per litre)

New Rate (per litre)











Comparison for Residential Usage

The below is an illustrative example of the new water rates impact to residential water bill:

Monthly Consumption: 25,000 Litres

Old Monthly Cost: $507.50

New Monthly Cost: $250.00

Monthly Savings: $257.50


Key Enhancements Include

Infrastructure Development: Upgrading water and sewer lines, pumping stations, and treatment facilities. This includes stocking up on a year’s worth of inventory to better manage emergencies and maintenance, ensuring smoother operations.

Equipment and Vehicle Expansion: Boosting the fleet with additional water and sewer trucks, and support vehicles, including a specialized VAC truck for cleaning operations. This expansion is vital for improving service reliability across Iqaluit.

Labor and Professional Development: Investing in the City of Iqaluit Public Works workforce is crucial. The City will allocate funds specifically for training in new technologies, safety standards, and regulatory compliance, ensuring the team is well-equipped to serve better the community.

Emergency Response Enhancements: Setting aside funds annually for rapid response to infrastructure emergencies such as leaks and breaks. This proactive measure aims to minimize disruptions to residents service.

Enhanced Road Maintenance: Ensuring that the roads critical to water and sewer services are maintained year-round to enable efficient service delivery.

As part of our commitment to the residents of Iqaluit, we are engaged in ongoing investments to modernize and sustain our water and sewer infrastructure. These consistent, year-over-year investments are key to achieving a more robust and efficient system that meets the needs of our growing community.





For additional information, please contact:

Aleksey Cameron

Communications and Customer Service Manager
City of Iqaluit

Phone: 979-5607 | Email: