Domestic Animal License Tag Registration Drive – Door to Door

November 14, 2023

Public Service Announcement
Domestic Animal License Tag Registration Drive – Door to Door
TBD - 2023 – Iqaluit, Nunavut

The City of Iqaluit Municipal Enforcement department would like to remind residents that all domestic animals in the City are required to wear licence tags. Pet licences are free and are available at the Municipal Enforcement office in Building 901.

Registering your pet and placing the tag on their collar will provide for an efficient way for officers to identify who owns the animal if found at large and make it easier to have the animal returned to the owner to avoid it being impounded.

The owners of animals found running at large not wearing a tag or without a registered tag are subject to fines under the City of Iqaluit domesticated animal bylaw 924.

In an effort to see more animals returned home and lessen the burden on the animal shelter the Municipal Enforcement Department will be going door to door in various locations of Iqaluit in the near future to promote animal licensing, provide education on the requirements under the bylaw and provide licenses on the spot for those requiring a license.

If you see officers on foot or going door to door this is the reason, feel free to stop and ask any questions you may have of the requirements under the bylaw or any other municipal bylaw related questions.


For additional information, please contact:
Kent Driscoll Communications and Customer Service Manager