Drinking Water Update – Do Not Drink Water Quality Advisory

October 13, 2021

Drinking Water Update – Do Not Drink Water Quality Advisory

Effective immediately, the Government of Nunavut’s Department of Public Health has issued a do not drink water quality advisory. The City continues to investigate concerns from residents regarding reports of a fuel odor in the drinking water. As part of its on-going investigation, the City has located concentrated odors in a section of the water treatment and distribution system. Samples are being collected and Public Health anticipates receiving additional test results from out of territory environmental laboratories in about five business days.

A Do Not Drink Water Notice must be used when a risk is identified and associated with water consumption that cannot be adequately addressed by boiling the water or issuing a Water Quality Advisory. This might include, for example, a chemical spill near a water intake, or where a water system may have been subject to vandalism, or an event that prohibits resolution through additional disinfection practises.

Residents on trucked water should empty the tanks in their household until all water is used. This can done by running water taps and flushing toilets.

Do not use the tap water for drinking or cooking.

The tap water may still be used for the following purposes:
- Laundry
- Cleaning
- Showers

Pregnant women, newborns and infants should not take baths or be bathed in tap water. Do not use tap water to mix infant formula.

The City will have chlorinated, treated, water available for residents. Residents on trucked-services will receive this water in their water tanks. Residents who are not on trucked water will receive this through distribution from the Department of Public Works at water depot stations.

Two water fill stations will be available on Tuesday, October 12, 2021 from 6:30PM to 9PM at the following locations:

- Arctic Winter Games Arena
- Library Water Fill Station

Residents are asked to bring their own jugs to collect water.

Water distributed by the City of Iqaluit will be treated by chlorination and safe for the following:
- Consumption
- Cooking and Preparing Food
- Teeth Brushing
- Personal Hygiene
- Dish Washing
- Laundry

The City has retained the support of a consulting engineering firm and is working with Public Health officials. The City will provide updates as soon as more information is available. Residents are asked to stay away from water source at Lake Geraldine.

The City has set up a Drinking water hotline, available Monday to Friday from 9-5 (excluding 12PM – 1PM) to field questions about the drinking water. If the line is busy, please leave a voicemail and a representative from the City will return your call within 24 hours.

Drinking Water Hotline:

For more information during business hours contact: 

Geoffrey Byrne
A/Communications and Customer Service Manager 
G.Byrne@iqaluit.ca | 867-979-5619


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