Iqaluit Fire Department responds to Plateau apartment fire

June 08, 2021

News Release

Iqaluit Fire Department responds to Plateau apartment fire

June 8 2021 – Iqaluit, Nunavut



Iqaluit Emergency Services responded to an apartment fire early this morning in the 5100 block of the Plateau subdivision.


Eleven firefighters, three fire trucks and two ambulances responded and quickly brought the fire under control, while minimizing the damage sustained to only the unit of origin.


Thanks to a working fire alarm and sprinkler system in the building, the tenants were able to evacuate quickly and safely. The tenants were able to reoccupy their homes within an hour.


There were no reported injuries from emergency staff or building occupants.


While personal electronic devices are a big part of our everyday lives, Iqaluit Emergency Services would like to remind everyone to be cautious when charging devices. Electronics with batteries have significant stored energy and need adequate ventilation to dissipate heat or they may build heat until failure. Avoid charging your devices under a pillow, on your bed, on a couch or in a location exposed to direct sunlight. Cool, hard surfaces are a much safer option to reduce fire risk.



For media related questions, please contact:

Lisa Milosavljevic

Communications and Customer Service Manager

City of Iqaluit