March 13, 2019

At the March 12 Council meeting, Council passed the first and second reading of By-law 875 to appoint Ms. Amy Elgersma as the Chief Administrator Officer for a five year term.

This appointment will become effective at the next Council meeting, after the third reading. Ms. Elgersma has been Acting CAO since February 2018. Ms. Elgersma has worked with the City since 1999, and in the past 20 years, she has worked in various positions progressing from Senior Lifeguard, Youth Coordinator, Assistant Director of Recreation to Director of Recreation. Ms. Elgersma has proven leadership skills, from managing the Department of Recreation including a number of projects from the Aquatic Centre, upgrades to the arena facilities, new city playgrounds, astro turf at the Arctic Winter Games Arena along with developing new programs. Ms. Elgersma also holds an MBA in Executive Management from Royal Roads University.

This past year, Ms. Elgersma, as Acting CAO has stepped up and begins the important work of bringing stability back to the City workplace, from continuing to build strong relationships with staff, modernizing city financial systems, working closely with Public Works on assessing and committing to improving key services such as garbage collection and landfill operations. This past year, the City dealt with a number of emergencies, which Elgersma successfully headed up the responses including the Lake Geraldine Water Supply Task Force which saw the City obtain approval to supplement Lake Geraldine from a nearby river, Coordinated Community Response Committee working with city emergency responders and partners in battling the NorthMart fire, and more recently, dealing with the numerous city water infrastructure issues.

Ms. Elgersma has stated her top priorities are to help the City obtain the necessary funding for water, with respect to a secondary water source and to fix and replace pipes to meet the community’s water requirements and to work collaboratively with city staff to enhance city services, so that residents get value for service in all areas.

Mayor Redfern states “We’re very fortunate that Ms. Elgersma has accepted the role of City CAO, she knows the City and our community. She comes into the position with both knowledge, familiarity, skill, passion and commitment. I am confident that Ms. Elgersma will work tirelessly on the issues that matter most to our residents.”

Deputy Mayor Stevenson adds “I have been extremely impressed and pleased with Ms. Elgersma’s work with the City. Our community continues to grow, and with it, there are both opportunities and challenges.”