Public Service Announcement Canada Post – Civic Address Project

November 10, 2023

Public Service Announcement

Canada Post – Civic Address Project

As Iqaluit residents know, Canada Post is currently updating their civic addresses. The City has been supporting our partners at the Post Office, by helping to verify civic addresses.

When you visit the post office to have your address and box number changed, your address may not be on record as a registered address in Iqaluit. If that is the case, you will receive a “Civic Address Verification Form” –available in English, French and Inuktitut- that will allow you to register your address.

You just bring that form to Building 901 –upstairs at the Arnaitok Arena, the same building as the Fire Hall- and our Planning Department will verify your address.

Building 901 is the only location we are processing these forms. We are not accepting them at City Hall (Building 1085).

If our Planning & Development staff are unavailable, please complete the form to the best of your ability and leave it in the department’s drop-box for processing.

The end result will be easier direct mailing to Iqaluit residents. The old trick of having to write “Mailing Street” and your PO Box number will no longer be necessary. Thank you for your patience and for keeping the Post Office friendly.



For additional information, please contact: Kent Driscoll Communications and Customer Service Manager 867-979-5607