Public Service Announcement - Safe Driving

September 18, 2019


Safe Roadways & Safe School Zones All Start with Safe Driving

The City of Iqaluit would like to remind all drivers that with the return of the regular school year our roadways as well as schools and playgrounds will be bustling with activity.

Safe Roadways start with safe driving, adhering to posted speed limits as well as slower limits within School and playground areas is essential to ensure the safety of children and others on our roadways.

Motorists are the single biggest risk to children on roadways and it is important that driving habits and behaviours do no put children and other individuals on our roadways at risk.

The City would also like to remind drivers that it is not permitted to drive while holding or using hand-held electronic devices, or using a screen that the image displayed on it is visible to the driver, any driver found to be in contravention are subject to penalties under the Traffic Safety Act.

For additional information, please contact:


Rod Mugford

City Clerk

City of Iqaluit