Water Quality Emergency Update – Confirmatory Testing Underway

October 27, 2021

Water Quality Emergency Update – Confirmatory Testing Underway

The City of Iqaluit continues to make progress on its investigation into the drinking water quality issue. The do not consume order remains in effect until further notice.

The quality and quantity of Iqaluit’s water supply is of the utmost importance to the City. The City of Iqaluit is doing everything in its power to ensure that residents have safe and reliable drinking water.

The City of Iqaluit has completed remedial work to remove hydrocarbons from the water treatment plant and treated water reservoir. Additional flushing of the City’s distribution network is underway and is expected to continue until Thursday. The City is currently undertaking confirmatory testing throughout the water treatment and distribution system. Because of the remediation efforts undertaken, the City expects to receive results that demonstrate undetectable levels of hydrocarbons, in compliance with health guidelines.

The City, in conjunction with Public Health, will provide flushing guidance for those on piped service.

The City will continue its rigorous sampling program to monitor for hydrocarbons throughout the water treatment processes and within the distribution system.
In addition, the City has completed the installation of the online, real time water monitoring station. This monitoring station is currently monitoring the drinking water quality within the Water Treatment Plant, and will provide early warning notifications of the presence of hydrocarbons, or if any changes to the water quality occur.


For additional information during business hours, please contact:
Geoffrey Byrne
A/Communications and Customer Service Manager
867-979-5619 | g.byrne@iqaluit.ca