Garbage Pickup and Landfill

Roadside Pickup Serivce

Residential Garbage Schedule:

Monday: Core Area; Lower Iqaluit (map colour code is yellow)

Tuesday: Apex; Core Area; Tundra Valley (map colour code is blue)

Wednesday: Happy Valley, Lake Subdivision; Road to Nowhere (map colour code is orange)

Thursday: Tundra Ridge (map colour code is purple)

Friday: Plateau Subdivision (map colour code is green)

NOTE: For holidays, garbage will be collected either the day before or the day after the holiday, depending on when it falls during a week.

Please see attached colour-coded large area map and small area map to view the garbage collection schedule for your area

For information on current sanitation services, please don’t hesitate to contact the Department of Public Works at 979.5630 

Do I still need to separate my cardboard?

Yes, we ask that residents separate all uncoated cardboard from their household waste by tying it separately, or placing it in a clear blue bag. These will be collected separately from regular waste. Separation helps the with efficient collection.  The City has experienced an increased volume of cardboard in recent years. As such, cardboard is managed by burning it in a designated burn box, storing it until it can be safely burned and depositing it in the landfill. 

More information on waste management practices within the city is  available here.

Questions regarding garbage and cardboard can be directed to 867-979-5630 

Sanitation Rates

*Rates effective Jan 1, 2021*

Residential Monthly Garbage Pick-up


Commercial Garbage Pick-up (3-5 times per week) per unit


Commercial Garbage Pick-up (1-2 times per week) per unit


Government Garbage Pick-up (3-5 times per week) per unit


Government Garbage Pick-up (1-2 times per week) per unit


Unscheduled Garbage Pick-up (each pick-up)





Responsible for the collection of residential and commercial waste, including the scheduling of cardboard waste pick up and regular waste and the management of the municipal landfill.

Hours of Operation
Monday Closed
Tuesday 8:15AM - 2:15 PM (Open through lunch)
Wednesday 8:15AM - 2:15 PM (Open through lunch)
Thursday 8:15AM - 2:15 PM (Open through lunch)
Friday 8:15AM - 2:15 PM (Open through lunch)
Saturday 8:15AM - 5:00 PM (Closed through lunch)
Sunday Closed


Tipping Fees
All General Commerical Garbage $50.00 / m3
Car / Truck Body Disposal $575.00
Snowmobile Disposal $225.00
Large Appliance Disposal (per item) $115.00
Refrigerator / Freezer / ACU Disposal (per item) $140.00
Bulk items (larger than truck body) disposal $160.00 / m3
Automotive Battery Disposal (each) $40.00
Oil Tank Disposal (each) $250.00
Tire Disposal (each) $35.00
Segregated Salvageable Wood Disposal $15.00 / m3
Construction Debris Disposal $135.00 / m3