Garbage Pickup Schedule


Garbage Pick-up Routes Under Review

As part of the City’s commitment to improvements to sanitation services, garbage pick-up routes and processes are currently being reviewed. An assessment is underway to ensure that service levels can be met in all areas of the city.
Once the assessment is complete, changes to the garbage pick-up routes will be implemented. Route changes will be posted on the City of Iqaluit web site.
The City would like to thank residents for their patience and understanding during this period.
For information on current sanitation services, please don’t hesitate to contact the Department of Public Works at 979.5630 or email

Do I still need to separate my cardboard?

Yes, we ask that residents separate all uncoated cardboard from their household waste by tying it separately, or placing it in a clear blue bag. These will be collected separately from regular waste. Separation helps the with efficient collection.  The City has experienced an increased volume of cardboard in recent years. As such, cardboard is managed by burning it in a designated burn box, storing it until it can be safely burned and depositing it in the landfill. 

More information on waste management practices within the city is  available here.


Questions regarding garbage and cardboard can be directed to 867-979-5630 or