Iqaluit City Council Approves 2023 Budget

November 09, 2022

Public Service Announcement
Iqaluit City Council Approves 2023 Budget 
November 9, 2022 – Iqaluit, Nunavut

On Tuesday, October 25th, the Iqaluit City Council approved the 2023 Budget.

- Deputy Mayor Sheppard, Finance Committee of The Whole Chairperson

“Despite increased operating costs, Council was committed to keeping increases to residents and businesses to a minimum. Residents and businesses are feeling the impact of inflation in their daily lives and we did what could to minimize the impact. Additionally, the capital budget provides a foundation for sustainable infrastructure and economic development“.

- Amy Elgersma, Chief Administrative Officer

“This years budget addresses realities of increases to power and fuel rates imposed on the City. We continue to build on previous work to reduce energy consumption, yet the impacts were substantial and required increases taxes and water sewer rates to cover these expenses. Another budget highlight is the allocation of funds to address critical infrastructure projects which is required to support new housing development, an important priority for the City”.

The 2023 budget highlights include:

• A 2% increase to sanitation collection rates
• A 5% increase for customers under the full economic rate (government) to water and waste water rates and a 1% increase for all other customers was approved to cover increased costs to operations.
• Council increased property taxes; this is comprised of a 2% increase for government/institutional classes with all other classes increasing by 1%.
• The increases are required to cover operating expenses mainly because of increased power and fuel costs imposed on the City.
• An increase of $50,000 for the economic development budget to be able to leverage additional territorial or federal funding.

• The capital budget includes funds for multiyear major building projects including the new Operations Centre, new landfill and waste transfer station.
• The capital budget identifies funds to support housing development including technical studies for new subdivisions and improvements to critical infrastructure such as upgrades to water and wastewater infrastructure.
• Long-term water supply projects funded under the Federal Government Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Funding.


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