Landfill Diversion - Water Bottle Waste Management

December 06, 2021

Landfill Diversion - Water Bottle Waste Management

The City would like to notify residents that it is currently working with partners to identify solutions for the plastic waste created as a result of the recent influx of water bottles.

The City requests that residents crush their water bottles, put the lid back on the crushed bottle and fill up recycling bags with these bottles. If possible, the City asks residents to keep these recyclables in your possession until a recycle management plan is in place.
It is the City’s intention to divert as many of these bottles as possible from the City landfill.

For the integrity of the recycling program, it is of the utmost importance that only water bottles related to the water emergency are included in the recycling bag.

Please ensure that these bottles are clean and free of any food waste.

Media contact:
Aleksey Cameron
Communications and Customer Service Manager