Water Quality Hotline – Ongoing Water Quality Monitoring

December 10, 2021

Water Quality Hotline – Ongoing Water Quality Monitoring

The City of Iqaluit would like to inform residents that as part of ongoing water quality monitoring efforts, the Water Quality Hotline remains open until further notice.

All sampling and analysis undertaken by the City, since October 23, 2021 for petroleum hydrocarbons have resulted in below detection level concentration levels. As such, the drinking water from the Water Treatment Plant continues to meet or be better than the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality and territorial requirements.

Should residents experience any unusual odor and/or taste in the drinking water, such as fuel, the City encourages residents to follow the below steps first, prior to calling the City:

1. If the concern is with odours, take the water into another room of your house and re-test for odours. If the odour remains;
2. Remove the aerator from the faucet,
3. Run the water from the tap for 10 minutes, with the aerator removed.
4. Clean the removed aerator, rinsing it in a solution of chlorine bleach, if available.
5. Take another sample of water and test for odours,
6. Reinstall aerator.

Should the odour and/or taste persist after following the above steps, the City requests that residents alert the City of Iqaluit Water Hotline directly, as quickly as possible, so that the City can initiate the appropriate steps to investigate the issue.

The City has remediated the issues relating to the water quality emergency and continues with enhanced water quality monitoring and testing. Residents may still notice occasional odors in their tap water as a result of trapped vapors in the system. These will dissipate over time.

The human sense of smell detects the presence of petroleum hydrocarbons at a much lower concentrations than any technology capable of testing for petroleum hydrocarbons and at a much lower concentration than what Health Canada deems as acceptable in the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality.

To reach The City of Iqaluit Water Hotline:

Call the Water Quality Hotline at 867-979-5603

For additional information during business hours, please contact:

Aleksey Cameron
Communications and Customer Service Manager
867-979-5607 | a.cameron@iqaluit.ca

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