Water Quality Update

February 07, 2022

Water Quality Update

• The multi-tank bypass remains in operation

• The raw water from Lake Geraldine is subject to Ultra-Violet primary and chlorine secondary disinfection followed by straining prior to being discharged to the City’s reservoirs and distribution system.

• The bypass is expected to remain in operation until the permanent tank solution is installed

• A team of engineering specialists were on site to assess the condition of the Water Treatment Plant concrete tanks

• The findings of the investigation will inform the permanent solution


The City of Iqaluit would like to remind residents that the multi-tank bypass remains in operation at the Water Treatment Plant. The bypass was turned on during the evening of January 19, 2022. The bypass carries water from Lake Geraldine, undergoes UV disinfection, straining, disinfecting with chlorine, and is stored within the City’s reservoirs. From the storage reservoirs, it is distributed through the system to homes on both trucked and piped services. The bypass water is conveyed from Lake Geraldine to the storage reservoir within closed pipes, bypassing all concrete holding tanks in the Water Treatment Plant, and is being continually monitored and tested for hydrocarbons. The City expects the bypass to remain in operation until the permanent tank solution is installed.

During the week of January 24, 2022, a team of engineering specialists including a structural engineer, materials engineer, a water quality chemist, and environmental remediation experts were on site. The purpose of this site visit was to investigate the condition of the existing water tanks throughout the Water Treatment Plant. This included extracting concrete samples for analysis, structural assessment, material assessment and testing, and water sampling.

The findings and recommendations resulting from the investigation will form the basis of the City’s tank remediation effort to provide a permanent solution to improving the Water Treatment Plants holding tanks. It is anticipated that this investigation will provide greater insight into the contamination transfer events. Ongoing sampling and hydrocarbon monitoring continue.

Updates regarding this, and the ongoing water issues, are available on the City of Iqaluit’s Water Facts webpage at:


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