Child and Youth Programs

Youth Ball Hockey Program

Youth Ball Hockey is now over for the season. Can't wait to see you next spring!

We are introducing ball hockey for youth aged 7-11 years old! Practices/scrimmages will take place at the curling rink on the following days:

Mondays: June 18, 25 & July 16
Tuesdays: July 3 & 10


Registration forms can be found here.

Registration will take place at the AWG Arena on Wednesday, June 13th from 4-6pm.

Qaumaniq Day Camp Program

Day Camp is over for the summer. What a great 8 weeks we had!  See you next summer!

Summer Day Camp 2018 for youth aged 6-12 will run from July 3rd-August 24, 2018.

Online Registration is happening June 8th, 2018! Registration forms are available here. Email registrations will be accepted to beginning at 9am on June 8th, 2018. An email will be sent out to successful email registrants by 5pm on Friday June 8th. An in person registration option will also be available on Monday, June 11, 2018 from 4pm-6pm. Payments for all registrations must be made in full by Wednesday, June 13th at the AWG Arena (cash, debit, credit card, and cheque accepted).

Camp Fees: $50.00 per week, per child. Lunch Supervision: $10.00 per day, per child.


Suilaaqivik Apex After School Recreation Program

(September-December; January-June)

Running out of Abe Okpik Hall, the Suilaaqavik Apex After School Recreation Program is for children ages 6-12, who are residents of Apex.  The program is offered from 330-530pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week during the school year.  There will be a maxiumum of 30 registered participants,with a wait list being developed as required. A minimum of ten registered participants are required in order for this program to go forward. ***Abe Okpik Hall is currently closed for renovations. Check back here for updates.***

Registration forms can be found here.  A parent information letter is available here.


For more information please contact Recreation Reception at 979-5611

Spring Multisport Program 2018

The multisport program is for children from ages 4 to 12 that are interested in getting active, learning a vairety of sport and movement skills and participating in some healthy, friendly competition. 

Spring Multisport sessions will take place on Saturday afternoons from May 12 to June 23. This session will take place on the Indoor Turf at the AWG Arena!

Multisport is now over for the season.  Come check us out next year!

Minor Soccer Program

Minor Soccer is now over.  We will run program again in August until early September, 2018.  Stay tuned for registration information coming soon!

Iqaluit Lil’ Sluggers 2018

Lil' Sluggers is now over for the season.  We can't wait until next year!

The Iqaluit Lil’ Sluggers (Tee-Ball) program is for children from ages 4 to 8 that want to learn how to play ball!  The focus of the program is on fun, team spirit & sharing the sport of baseball in a positive environment.

No experience is necessary and all equipment is provided.  Youth are encouraged to bring their own equipment should they wish to.

Iqaluit Lil’ Sluggers sessions will take place at the curling rink on Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm, running from July 11th to August 8th, 2018. 

Registration is now open at the AWG arena, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Spaces are limited and registration will be confirmed on a first come, first served basis. Forms can be found here.

Youth Dodgeball League

Dodgeball is over for the season. Join us next year on the turf!

5:30-6:30pm every Thursday from May 31st to July 5th, 2018 at the AWG Indoor Sportsfield.

We are excited to introduce our new youth dodgeball league! The program is open for youth aged 4-12, and will run for one hour every Thursday night at 5:30pm. Younger  participants will focus on movement skills, catching and throwing, while older participants will incorporate dodgeball strategies and play a number of regulation dodgeball games. As always, sportsmanship and having fun will be    cornerstones of the program. The fee is $60/participant.

Registration will occur in person on Tuesday May 22nd from 4:00-6:00pm at the AWG arena, forms can be found here.

KidFit (Summer 2018)

Thanks for maing KidFit such an awesome program this year!  We had a blast.  See you next season!

KidFit July 10th to August 19th.

Learn foundational fitness skills while having fun!  Gain cardiovascular and aerobic conditioning, strength, mobility and flexibilty!

Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm

Find the forms here.

Fees: $60 per participant

Registration is now open at the AWG arena, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Leaders In Training (LIT)

Stay tuned for more informatino as we revamp our LIT program.

Makkuttukkuvik Youth Centre

Fall/Winter Schedule is now in effect. Monday-Thursday 3pm-9pm; Friday: 3pm-10pm; Saturday: 5pm-11pm

The Youth Centre offers Iqaluit youth ages 13-18 a space to participate in many drop-in and organized activities. Young people can play pool, table tennis, soccer, listen to music, socialize with their peers, connect with community supports, and much more. There are also lots of events on evenings and weeks like Inuit games, games tournaments, movie nights and dances.